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intellectual property right


R&D Center Certification

Factory registration certificate

Venture company confirmation

Certificate of Excellent Company in Technology Evaluation

Confirmation of Defense Venture Agreement Company

Gwangju Design Biennale Excellent Product Certification

Family Friendly Certificate

Performance-sharing company confirmation

Compensation for employee's invention Excellent enterprise certification

Collaborative companys selection confirmation

Public Procurement Service Venture Nara Besggle Designation Certificate

Public Procurement Service Venture Nara Softgle Comfort Designation Certificate

Global IP Star designation

GIST steering committee member

KCs No Pain

KC Supplier Confirmation

Trade Association Membership

Welfare Platform Outstanding Companies

Risk Assessment Certificate

INNOBIZ Certificate

PRE Designation of luxury small and medium-sized enterprises

FDA Certification

FDA Certification(Besggle)

FDA Certification(Softgle)

FDA Certification(Hugle)

Doc EN166 Certification

CE Certification(Softgle)

ISO 13485

ISO 9001

K-POP IP Philippines Certification

Korea African Foundation Virtual Fair Certificate


KOLAS Certification

KOLAS Certification (Gray)

KOLAS Certification (Yellow)

KOLAS Certification (Purple Mirror)

KOLAS Certification (Silver Mirror)

SGS FLIM (Harmless)

SGS FOAM (Harmless)

ANSI Certification


Chonnam National University Family Company Agreement

Chosun university Industry-Aacademic Cooperation Agreement


Disposable goggles body [design registration]

Anti-fog disposable goggle [design registration]

Softgle Comfort 1pc/Box [design registration]

Softgle Comfort Product Design [Application]

Softgle Air Product Design [Actual application]

Softgle Comfort Product Design foreign country [USA Application]

Softgle Comfort Product Design foreign country [Europe Application]

Softgle Comfort 1EA/Box [Application]


Softgle [Trademark application]

Softgle [USA trademark application]

Smatgle [Trademark application]


SEPI [Copyright]

MEDI LOGO [Copyright]

MEDI [Copyright]

SEPI MEDI LOGO [Copyright]

SEPI LOGO [Copyright]

HOGUK Protecter [Copyright]


Soft contact lenses with pinhole effect [Registration]

Disposable sealed safety glasses with excellent heat resistance [application]

Protective clothing with eco-friendly materials using Korean paper [application]

Ventilation module-mounted protective clothing with optical face window [application]

Protective clothing with a thermal film face window to prevent fogging [Applied]

Sealed disposable safety glasses with excellent heat resistance [Applied]

Goggles with adjustable power [application]

Anti-fog prevention goggles [application]

Smart Medical Goggles [Application]

Smart goggles for AI-based sports [application]

Smartgle [trademark]

Protective clothing with arm-heat film face window to prevent fogging [PCT application]

Goggles with adjustable power [PCT application]

Collective Facility Monitoring System using wearable devices [Application]

Anti-fog goggles using solar cell motor fan [Registration]


Youth Startup Idea Contest

Excellent venture company

Korea Engineers Association Excellence Award

Gwangju Metropolitan City Mayor’s Award for Excellence

ASPA Awards

[Buk-gu Office] Company of the Month

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